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Covid- 19 has presented many challenges over the past year and we have had to adapt our processes to adhere to the ever changing restrictions. Our office has been closed to the public (without prior appointment) since the beginning of the pandemic to reduce unnecessary contact and stop the spread of the virus as much as we can.

In light of this we have had to adapt our move in procedure. Now, when tenants move in to a property, where possible, we request all the paperwork is signed and agreed prior to the tenancy start date. This means when tenants attend their office appointment on the day of move they just have to collect their keys and move in pack and time spent in the office is minimised.

We have found this system works very well for us and allows the tenants and guarantor to review the paperwork prior to the tenancy commencing and raise any concerns in good time. The only problem we have encountered is the limited access some tenants have to a printer or scanner.

With the ever developing technology available to us we have decided to move forward with a company offering an e-signing service which has many advantages…

  • LEGALLY BINDING- E-signatures are fully compliant and admissible in court. We receive a time and date stamp for all signees, including the witness, as confirmation.
  • AUDIT TRAIL- With all of the paperwork handled via email it means there is further admissible evidence if required in court.
  • PAPERLESS- We all like to do our bit for the planet and this will drastically reduce our paper usage. All parties will receive a completed copy via email and we will store the paperwork electronically on our systems. This also means that tenants do not have to have access to a printer or scanner.
  • SECURITY- The documents are encrypted when sent making it a very secure way to sign confidential documents.
  • CONVENIENCE- The program is extremely user friendly meaning documents are able to be returned quickly and easily. Documents can be signed on a mobile device as well as a PC.
  • ID VERIFICATION- We are able to specify the level of ID verification required, with extra provisions in place if using a mobile phone.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the changes please call our Lettings Manager Olivia Dedman on 01702 341177.