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Okay so let’s talk about the ‘Great Resignation.’ This is a strange concept to me in some respects, shouldn’t we be counting our blessings we have a job in these challenging times?

I am lucky enough to wake up every morning and look forward to going to work, I love my job. (Okay so there’s the odd day I can’t wait to face plant my bed when I get home but I would like to think we all have ‘those’ days.) I am so fortunate that during the whole pandemic I was only working from home for approximately 6 weeks. I had a sense of normality from May 2020 onwards, an escape from the sometimes scary world. It seems strange, if not egotistical, to voice this, but I felt secure in my job even during the unprecedented times and I had never felt so grateful. I have had to work hard to get here but I wouldn’t throw those feelings away for the world.

I appreciate that not everyone feels the same way I do. If you dread sitting at your desk at the office or at home every day, then a career move is probably best for you. COVID-19 has put a lot into perspective, ‘do what makes you happy’ has never been so important. Whilst we have all learned to appreciate the small things in life, it has cruelly reminded us that life is too short. I know that friends and family of mine used to love their jobs but since working from home have felt trapped and dissatisfied. I personally couldn’t work from home permanently or even part time. I love the reward of leaving my house for a day at work- conversations with colleagues, seeing people smile and walking back through my front door at the end of the day to relax. However, I can absolutely see why so many people are looking at a career change- we have had a lot of time to contemplate recently!

The best advice I have ever received when considering a job move was from one partner of Hair & Son. 6 years ago when I had barely waved goodbye to the ‘Trainee’ in front of Lettings Negotiator, things got really tough here. I found myself almost alone in the department carrying out viewings, valuations and inspections single-handedly at aged 19. Before realising this was my time to learn (the hard way!) and excel, I explored the option of moving to another Estate Agent. When I discussed this with one partner, all he simply had to say was ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ and wasn’t that the truth!


Olivia Dedman

Lettings Manager