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The Three Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Your Online Viewings For Your Property…

…And It Won’t Cost You A Penny!

Do you know how your property is performing on line? Has your estate agent spoken to you about this? If your home isn’t getting the level of viewings you expected then this, undoubtedly is the first thing to give some attention to.

Remember – Higher online viewings means higher physical viewings, so if your advert doesn’t look and read as good, if not better than the competition then you are missing a trick.


Take a look at your main two photographs. These are what the buying public first see and will either grab their attention and make them want to see more, or they won’t.  Your outside photograph should be free of cars and dustbins.  There should ideally be a blue sky.  The second photograph should be equally enticing and make these buyers want to see more.  If it doesn’t, change it.


Years ago estate agents would advise their sellers to advertise their home at say £249,995 instead of £250,000 as it sounds more appealing.  Up until the rise of the internet, it worked.  Nowadays buyers would have to scroll through pages of properties until they come to yours if priced this way.  The trick is to be one of the first a viewer see’s and your agent should advise your asking price to ensure that this is the case.


This is absolutely vital.  We spend considerable time writing the prefect advert.  It should paint a picture to the reader of being everything they are looking for in a home and make it stand out from its competition.  It is certainly not the case that an introduction should read “ We are delighted to offer for sale this….”


If you would like us to review it for you why give your local Hair & Son office a call for some no obligation advice.