With the clocks going back and daylight hours diminishing until spring time, many homes start to look a bit dark, drab and gloomy this time of year. When selling this can be a real turn off for potential buyers.  With this in mind we thought we would share with you our FIVE TOP TIPS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME (AND ACHIEVE AN EARLY SALE)

  1. A growing trend this year is Autumnal colours; Oranges, reds and browns for scatter cushions, rugs and blankets. These will transform a room and make it feel far more inviting and create a feeling of warmth and cosiness that buyers are sure to love!
  2. Candles add a warm feeling to a room too. Look out for scented candles as they can really give a room an amazing atmosphere.  Being easy to move around they are perfect for lighting up any dark corners prior to a viewing!
  3. Add table and floor lamps throughout your home and swap low wattage bulbs for brighter ones – This can make a dull room far brighter with minimal outlay
  4. Even though the daylight hours are reduced this time of year, still make sure you ensure your home benefits from getting as much natural light as possible. Make sure curtains & blinds  are open for all day time viewings and consider hanging mirrors opposite windows to spread natural light
  5. Log burners and fires are a massive want with buyers at the moment – If your home has one make sure you light it. Nothing says “winter comfort” more than a nice fire!


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