A crisis such as many of us have not seen in our lifetimes is gripping the world.

Many of you will have listened to the Prime Minister’s daily broadcasts over the past few days ,urging the people of the UK to pull together and it has never been more important that we do so both on a personal level with our families and loved ones and in the wider business world.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we at Hair and Son are able to continue provide uninterrupted service to our clients and tenants alike, there have had to be some changes in the way that we operate away from the norm for the protection of everybody.

Her Majesty’s Government are putting place measures to ‘prop up ‘businesses by way of grants, loans etc. To see them through and to ensure a vibrant economy when this crisis has passed – it may not feel that it will right now, but it will.   We are posting an extract form the HMG website which details measures that were announced Wednesday last week to help businesses. At the time of writing this blog the local authorities don’t know how it will work but that will become clearer in the coming days.  Friday’s announcement from the Chancellor announced further, and unprecedented support for businesses available via HMRC. The ‘safety net’ which is being put in place by Her Majesty’s Government must be a huge positive for businesses and the people that they employ, to see them through this crisis.  It is worth taking a look at the HM Government website – there is a great deal of information out there for us all to see.

In the meanwhile, stay home if you can, stay safe and keep well all of you.