Renting a home for the first time can be confusing, and there's a lot to consider. Follow this guide to help you navigate your first experience of becoming a tenant.

Calculate the costs

There can be a lot of costs involved in renting a property, such as your deposit, monthly rent, utility bills and council tax.

It is important to establish what is included in the monthly fee, and what you will need to pay in addition . Calculate these costs and compare it to your salary and regular outgoings.

It is a good idea to compare the costs with other properties in the area to determine whether you’re getting a good deal.

Finding your dream property

Make a list of the key features of the property you are looking for – consider location, transport links, size and parking. Having a list of important features will help you narrow down your search.
When viewing a property, check it is in good condition by looking out for signs of damp, unsecure windows and test fixtures and fittings .

Consider furnished or unfurnished

There are advantages and disadvantages to both – a furnished property is cheaper and more convenient in the short term as you don’t need to buy all your furniture, and there are no repair costs if they are included in your tenancy agreement.
However, an unfurnished property allows you to decorate to your taste and may be cheaper in the long term if you plan to take your furniture to your next home.

Understand your tenancy agreement

Before you sign the contract, make sure you read and understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant .
It is important to note that you may be asked for a deposit, and the maximum cost of this is five weeks rent.

Moving in

When you move into the property, check the inventory to avoid disputes at the end of your tenancy and read the metres to ensure your first bills are accurate.
You should also set up a standing order for your rent to avoid missing a payment, update your address with your bank and any other relevant parties, register for council tax and get a TV licence.

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