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Congratulations to Ben Zammit from our Southend lettings office and his partner Abbie on completing the 10K ‘’Walk It’’ for Crohn’s and Colitis UK on Saturday 8th June. Abbie was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease aged 18 in 2014 so this event was something close to them. Crohn’s is a chronic condition, this means that it is ongoing and life-long, although people may have periods of good health (remission), as well as times when symptoms are more active (relapses or flare-ups).

With the weather on their side they had a great attendance of over 1700 amazing supporters for the London Walk starting at Bloomsbury Square Gardens. Collectively the cause raised £200,000 so far on the day towards helping to fund the research to find a cure.

Well done Ben & Abbie for supporting such a fantastic cause!

If you too would like to take part in one of the events click the link below.