Home » Interior design trends for Summer 2022

Supporting your wellbeing and happiness starts with a home that you love, so it’s always a good idea to invest in style and decor. This year, it’s all about boho, minimalism and sustainability! Here are some summer trends which might be missing from your home!

Reworking the living space

Working from home seems to have remained a new normal after the pandemic. Long gone are the make-shift offices on the kitchen table or even the family sofa. Many homeowners have now invested in harmonising their workspace with the rest of their home.

Antiques and second hands

There has been a huge rise in popularity of furniture for re-use and restoration. Thrifting allows more freedom for personalisation as there’s less financial risk involved in painting a re-used piece of furniture rather than something brand new. Vintage items can also create a boho, laid-back feel in your home – perfect for summer!

2022 will see arches in interior designs come to the forefront according to designers. Curves create a fun yet elegant appeal. Seen in top restaurants and new hotels, they are a subtle and artistic way to implement dimension and style into your home.

Go green!
Tones of green are beloved amongst the younger demographic for their immediate association to nature and serenity. Green plays well into the overarching trend of sustainability and interiors which embrace and implement nature into their design.

Outdoor lighting

As summer begins to bless us with lighter evenings, it’s no surprise that a trend of outdoor lighting has spiked again in 2022. Lanterns and tea lights for your outdoor tables on summer nights can feel reminiscent of sitting outside a restaurant on holiday.