Is your home starting to feel a bit small? As your needs and preferences change, it’s natural to feel like the home you once thought was spacious is now a little tight, and it may be time to move on.

Here are 5 signs it’s time to upsize:

A growing family 

It’s obvious that you may need to upsize as you have more children, but as your children get older and grow in size, your home may no longer be suitable. Having three young children sharing a room may be perfect, but as they get older, they may be desperate for their own space. Whether you have reached a point that you’re bursting at the seams, or simply anticipate that your family will soon outgrow your home, both suggest it’s time to upsize.

Working from home

The pandemic has transformed the way we work, and working from home, at least for a couple of days a week, is quickly becoming the norm. Dedicating a room to an office space will help you create boundaries between your work and home life and provide a comfortable, quiet place to work.

Hosting friends and family

If you enjoy hosting your friends and family often, you may need a bigger home to make space for everyone. Whether you need a bigger kitchen to cook for your guests, a large dining room to seat everyone or guest bedrooms for them to stay the night, these are all signs your ready to upsize.


Are you finding that your home always feels messy no matter how much you tidy? Or perhaps you’re constantly tripping over things? There may simply not be enough space in your home for your belongings. If you have reached your decluttering limits and you’re still struggling for space, this is a tell-tale sign you have outgrown your home.

Moving in with someone 

You may be considering moving in with a partner, or perhaps older relatives need a little extra support and are moving back in with you. Having an extra person in your home, along with all their belongings, can suddenly make your spacious home feel small. Before you get frustrated living on top of each other, upsizing may be a wise move.

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